Help! Need advice on website hosting!

Greetings, all! My hosting subscription with Justhost recently ended, and I’m trying to figure out what to do with my website ( I already renewed the domain name, but the hosting is something like $10/month, which seems pretty high to me. I tried going directly through Weebly (website builder), but it turns out they don’t … Continue reading

Ebook Fraud Alert: Spread the Word

Originally posted on Kait Nolan:
So we can all agree that book piracy sucks.  Know what sucks even more?  People trying to illegally SELL our work.  Courtesy of Google Alerts, I found out about 45 minutes ago that Red and Forsaken By Shadow are both illegally listed at  So are my friend Susan Bischoff’s books and a…

12 Things Every Indie Author Needs to Know

12 Things Every Indie Author Needs to Know

Originally posted on Knite Writes:
1.) It’s not about “Perfection” — It’s about “Your Best.” This is a trap I see a lot of newbie writers fall into: the idea that a “perfect” book exists, and if you just try hard enough, you’ll be able to make your book “perfect.” Then comes the inevitable frustration…